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JWA is a consulting and project management company based at the heart of Brussels European district. JWA has demonstrated to be a valuable asset for its clients from strategic development guidance and customized training, to grant writing and management of granted projects.

Years of Experience: JWA and its teams of experts have more than 20 years of experience on the field. Our staff has developed funding projects while working for major European banks, the Big Four, Public Authorities, European R&D platforms, and leading Universities.

Number of Satisfied Customers: We already assisted many diverse projects, combining public and private funds in Europe and third countries, by obtaining more than 150 million €. JWA experts have successfully:

• Completed more than 100 projects, with a total volume of over 30.000 man months

• Published more than 1,000 deliverables

• Organized over 100 workshops and seminars

Our Values: To differentiate ourselves we encourage performance above and beyond expectations. We have high standards and value simplicity. We expect that our people are effective while doing the right thing. We believe that to be a reliable partner caring and understanding are necessary qualities. Integrity and transparency are essential components of our day-to-day work, both with our clients and colleagues. We don’t provide pre-packaged solutions. Open mindedness is deeply rooted at the foundations of our services that are tailored to each individual client’s need. We proactively seek out opportunities and ideas for our clients and are keen to take calculated risks. We encourage stepping outside the comfort zone to achieve more and better results. Unlike bigger companies we believe in embracing change and challenging the status quo. In a constantly evolving environment we need to be open to change our business and strategies to stay ahead of competition.

How do we work: We believe in offering a caring and impartial external perspective. Each client will be provided with a dedicated consultant that will act as a stable contact point. JWA will assist you with a practical approach and brake down the work with manageable actions. To guarantee maximum quality, all their work will be subject to peer review by our team.

Our methodology is centered on a strong compliance with the rules for fund management. Therefore our clients have the freedom of focusing directly on their core business without distractions, while JWA takes care of increasing the funds absorption capacity and success rate. We work with key executives to review planned company-wide expenditure and initiatives to identify opportunities for further evaluation. Prepare & inventory of applicable programs, including funding amounts, key criteria & requirements as well as application & decision timetables. Prioritize, using a cost-benefit analysis, which programs to pursue.

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