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Customers: We can match very diverse working stiles because our collaboration with Large Companies, SMEs, Universities and Public Authorities taught us a great degree of flexibility and adaptation. We usually complement the areas in which these organizations are lacking of expertize. While we let our clients focus on achieving their goals, we integrate funding and incentives schemes in their project cycles. JWA is often participating in its clients projects as a partner taking care of the administrative and financial management, being reimbursed fully by the granting authority it allows companies to retain the resources in their business.

Large Companies: Often large companies need to share risks in order to get investments or large projects carried out, our experts can guide them trough the leverage of funding as a valuable asset along commercial finance. Our consultants have experience in assisting large and multinational companies. They are a single contact point to help organize incentives and grants in order to achieve your strategic ambitions.

Universities: Highly trained experts and researchers are valuable resources, we can provide in-house consultants to help them manage the administrative and financial parts of the project while they focus on the technical work. At JWA we think that it’s much better that Universities or research centers focus on their core activities, while we take care of securing funding.

SMEs: Often small companies don’t have the resources to apply for and manage grants. We have developed throughout the years a strong experience with EU funding targeted to SME’s. We can find the best financing opportunity for your goals, whether they are company expansion, job creation or pushing the state of the art forward thanks to innovation. Many subsidies require or value SME participation, as the European Union recognizes their innovation capacity in comparison to larger companies.

NGOs: A lot of NGOs don’t have the capacity to identify the vast number of funding opportunities offered by the EC, or to register and apply for funding through its grant system. This can be considered complex and multilayered in comparison to fundraising. We can make sure that EU Commission and national or local authorities would co finance a particular project or directly subsidize the operations of an NGO organization.

Public Authorities: The lack of liquidity and bureaucratic constraints can hinder Public Authorities to embark in new projects or investments. Our consultants can help you start using different funding sources targeted to the Public Sector: from Structural Funds and Regional Development, to National, Regional or Local funds.