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Help you gain funds: Often companies don’t have time to study the so diverse and complex available funding channels, and usually hiring new permanent staff is not the most efficient solution. We can help you obtain incentives and funding for your company or ideas. On top of bringing a fresh perspective and advice, we provide the necessary know-how in the areas you are lacking expertise.

Maximizing opportunities: Did you know that on average the success rate when seeking funding is in between 1 and 20%? On the other hand there are more funds available now, 974 billion euro, for virtually any European organization compared to the past. We can help you select the most suited financial opportunities for your needs, while boosting your success chances. In the process we’ll make sure that you increase your funding absorption capacity while maximizing your gains.

Making things simple: Complying with requirements, or fronting selection procedures can be extremely complex tasks when you are trying to obtain a grant or subsidy. Our consultants have gained a longstanding experience in the field and will simplify the process of respecting the fundamental rules and avoiding the most common pitfalls. We will also help you manage the funds and make sure you retain them after audits. Freedom from burdens: Most companies have difficulties while implementing projects through the finances gained. The administrative and bureaucratic burden of managing EU projects can lead to overloading the coordinator, but thanks to JWA you will have the freedom to focus directly on your core business without distractions. We can help you deliver on time, making partners work, deal with budget cuts, and effective reporting.

Improving your performance: Do you want to learn about the specific characteristics of selected funding opportunities, how to submit a proposal, or how to manage your project? You don’t have to look any further. We can help you gain practical advice and techniques while having the opportunity to exchange experience with professional lecturers. You will be able to connect to the scenarios and problems you are confronting, or discuss a specific situation in a safe environment without the real risks of failure.

We secure finances for organizations to reach their goals, removing the obstacles that impede the realization of projects and ideas.

We strive to be one of the leading companies that will allow every person or organization to have easy access to financing for their projects in Europe.