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If you decide to move ahead with a specific funding opportunity we can structure the project in order to make it compatible with what the granting bodies are expecting, and take care of writing and submitting a proposal for obtaining the funds.

We’ll make sure that all formal requirements and the criteria the evaluators will check are respected to make sure that your application won’t be rejected for incompatibility.

We can help you set up partnerships and build consortiums thanks to our large network of contacts and established relations trough past success stories. When it comes to Intellectual Propriety Rights we can assist you in protecting the background, foreground and ownership of what you created.

We can also evaluate your project before submission, and assist you in negotiating contracts with granting authorities to maximize your gain.

We additionally manage funded projects to free you from the micro management and administrative burdens. We can also help you obtain tax brakes incentives or subsidies for your company’s activity and operation rather than funds for a specific project.

In brief:

• Funding identification

• Feasibility analysis

• Project definition

• Consortium and partnership building

• Proposal writing and submission

• Proposal evaluation

• Contract negotiation

• Project management & support

• Tax brakes, incentives & subsidies

Often companies don’t have the time and expertise to explore the so diverse funding opportunities available to them, and the ones that have front continuous problems with success rates and management due to the lack of experience in the field. We offer a wide range of services when it comes to searching funds for your company or projects. Firstly we can identify the right funding by regularly screening your activities, then we can check if your projects are feasible under the funding channel we previously identified.